Who We Are

Philip S. Deming & Associates is a consulting firm specializing in human resource and security risk management.

Mission: An unabridged commitment to each and every client through a relationship of trust, reliability, and collaboration – to achieve the desired solutions.

Vision: To be recognized as an integral partner in the delivery of valued outcomes.

Governance: Adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards, conforming to legal and regulatory requirements, as well as practicing and promoting integrity, compliance, and accountability.

Our Success

We have demonstrated our ability to successfully respond to the interests of our clients and provide exceptional service with the highest standards of professional integrity.

Our focus is on our ability to consistently understand our client needs and interests. With this understanding, we deliver a multifaceted approach for addressing organizational needs with respect and collaboration. Further, we provide our services in a timely and effective fashion because we know responsiveness is essential. The hallmarks of our firm have always been attention to detail and prompt, accurate communication with our clients.