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A Conundrum for the Legal Profession: Workplace Violence

The challenges that an attorney may face when serving as an advocate for a client when that client engages in threatening behavior. It becomes difficult to maintain the confidentiality and act within the professional ethical guidelines without sacrificing personal safety and/or the safety of others. This article discusses the importance of not ignoring aberrant behavior exhibited by a client and offers suggested measures to mitigate the potential risk. Click here for full article.

Proactively Tailor Security Enhancements To Specific Risks

In Best Practices in HR™, a Business & Legal Reports publication, Mr. Deming was interviewed in connection with an article, “Proactively Tailor Security Enhancements to Specific Risks.” He offered proactive measures that organizations can undertake to assess and mitigate risk affecting the workplace. Click here for full article.

Workplace Investigations: Understanding The Process And The Complex Dynamics

Mr. Deming’s informative article was created to aid organizational leaders, who are undergoing the decision-making process of whether to initiate an internal investigation. He speaks of the psychological influencers in making such an important decision.
Mr. Deming then further describes the investigative process that his firm uses when undertaking a workplace investigation and the complexities. Click here for full article.

Demonstrating the Value of Security for Organizational Efficiency and Need

In Security Management, Mr. Deming authored an article describing the importance of ensuring a holistic approach towards security within the workplace environment as a means to provide value for the expenditure. Click here for full article.